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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Day

Eight years ago today, Todd and I adopted our son, Sergei, from Magadan, Russia. We call today, "More America Day" (more days living in America than in Russia). Sergei was given the choice of where he wanted to eat dinner in Anchorage. He chose The Golden Coral, the all you can eat buffet joint. We enjoyed a meal with the Moore family, and I must say we got our money's worth. We thank God for bringing Sergei into our family, and can't imagine our lives without his contagious joy.


  1. He has been such a blessing to our family! Today he is off exploring Prince William sound for a week with Alaska Geographic. Hard to send him off with people I don't know. Keep him in your prayers!

  2. maybe we should be praying for the alaska geographic folks? ha ha! angela