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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Project TZ108

My luggage came! I was so happy for a change of clothes. I must admit that having less reminded me of how much I have. Besides deodorant, another reason that I was thrilled to have my luggage today is that I was getting anxious about all the gifts that I brought for my child and for other sponsors with TZ children. Praise God all the gifts were handed over to the Project Facilitator today and they will be traveling to the sponsored children all over TZ very soon. Also, the bibs that were made by the Valdez folks were given to the Child Survival Project spokesperson. They will divide the bibs up and distribute them to the mothers in the program. Thank you for giving these great blessings to the children!

Today was a workday. We split into two groups again. One group was the painting team. They went to a child development center and did spackling and painting in classrooms. I chose to go to the tree planting/roof building group in a center two and a half hours away, right on the Tanzania/Kenya border. The center that we went to had been waiting for a roof for their classroom for five years. Five years! As they waited, they used the building without a roof, and doubled up the groups in the church when it rained. My TZ friend, Father Peter, tells me that with God, in time an egg will walk. Yes.

We were also able to see something amazing! The students in the center showed us the vocational skills that they are learning. They were making batik cloth, pottery, and silk-screened prints to sell. The most impressive thing about the whole experience was how these teenagers talked us through the processes that they used to complete their work. I was in awe as they explained how they use the chemicals safely and demonstrated their abilities step by step (as their instructor stood proudly in the background). These kids are empowered and very skilled in this trade. Needless to say, the Advocates bought up their products like hotcakes, which added the students’ smiles today.

Although this center experiences huge challenges, great work is being done here! Glory to God!

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