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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Last night we met with students who had graduated from Compassion's program here in Arusha. They are wonderful young people with goals and ambitions that are being lived out. It was so encouraging! Also, we had CHEESEBURGERS for dinner! Yum!

I have included a picture of my favorite interpreters on this trip. They have been so helpful and patient with us. All three, shown here, are pastors of churches in Tanzania. They are also on the team of 70 people that translate the letters that we all receive from our children in TZ.
Tuesday is letter pick up day from the centers. Each week anywhere from 100-300 letters are collected and sent to the country office for translation. The translators shared what a blessing it is for them to be able to read the letters that are sent back and forth. One of the translators actually recognized one of our Advocates from a picture that he had sent with a letter to his child. "Are you Mike?"

This morning we are off to church. I can't wait to worship with my African brothers and sisters!

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  1. hi, sheri! i've checked in to your blog late, but will continue to follow along - you are so inspiring!