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Monday, July 19, 2010


We made it to Tanzania today! What a beautiful country. Flying in we saw Mt. Kilimanjaro from the air, and the landscape was very green. Upon arrival we discovered that our bags did not arrive. It didn't dampen our spirits much because we were so happy to be in the country.

After a thirty minute drive we were settled in our rooms at the Catholic Epiphany Center, had tea, and then made our way to the Child Survival Project Office. We were greeted by the wonderful country staff, and were given information about their center. They serve 31 mothers and babies. Most of them were very young and without the child's father to help them. They shared their testimonies with us, and it was quite powerful to hear them talk of their love for Jesus (they met Him through the church Compassion partners with) and the thankfulness that they felt for the help that Compassion was giving them.

The visit to Justen's home is one that I will never forget. This single parent mother had so little, yet her little boy was healthy and lit up her dark one bedroom mud home with his smile. She shared her sad story with us in this intimate setting, and then we prayed for her. Thankfully, Compassion will continue to help her through the CSP program until her son is four and then they will find a sponsor for him. Praise God for his faithfulness to this child and to his precious mother.

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