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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Project TZ108 - Day 2

We beat ourselves up on the bumpy road back to project TZ108 today. The men continued to work with the local church on the roof project, and by the end of the day it was almost completed. It was great seeing unity in the body of Christ today. The roof building is part of Compassion International's Complimentary Intervention program.

I was involved in a tree-planting project ( also CIV). As you can see from the pictures, the red soil is very dry. We dug holes, lay in the new plants and hauled a bucket of water for each one from the well. It took two of us working together to haul the buckets back and forth, while the local women were easily carrying theirs on their heads as they walked by us. We planted about 20 trees that lined the path to the church. I’d love to come back some day to see how beautiful they look when they mature.

I also helped clear brush with a church member named Julius. He whacked the limbs with his machete, and I hauled them away. It felt great getting dirty. Julius assured me that there were no snakes in the brush, but I kept my eyes open just in case.

The highlight of the day was watching Val. Yesterday she decided that she wanted to sponsor a child at this project. She chose a Maasai boy. She was able to meet him today and share a meal with him. His father, who wore the traditional Maasai dress, came with him. It was interesting seeing the blonde beauty from America interact with the traditional herdsman and his son. It was quite a contrast! God planned this sponsorship connection… and it was perfect!

Tomorrow I meet my sponsor child, Tabia. It's a big day for us!

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  1. I know you love it when you have a chance to dig in the dirt. Love following your blog. LL